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Samsung PN51F5500 51" 1080p 3D High Definition Plasma TV

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Samsung PN51F5500 51

tablet pc asus - Samsung PN51F5500 51" 1080p 3D High Definition Plasma TV

Min Price : $795.0
Code : 88017714
Brand : Vizio

Description of Samsung PN51F5500 51" 1080p 3D High Definition Plasma TV

Plasma looks amazing in 2D or 3D Samsung's PN51F5500 creates vibrant, engaging images whether you're watching 2D or 3D video. 3D certainly makes you feel more a part of the on-screen action, and while true 3D content is still kind of scarce, this set's 2D-to-3D conversion creates an added sense of depth with the push of a button. If you're already a 3D fan, just slip on a pair of the included 3D glasses and add another dimension to your viewing enjoyment. And if you don't love 3D (yet), this is an outstanding TV for watching 2D, too. This Smart TV will make you feel smart, too When you connect to your broadband Internet service you'll see why Samsung calls this a Smart TV. Built-in web apps let you instantly watch movies streamed from Netflix, or catch up on TV shows you missed with Hulu Plus(tm). There's tons more to explore, and if your PC is networked you can even search through the video and music you've stored on it using the TV's remote. This set's built-in Wi-Fi gives you another way to take advantage of your wireless network. The PN51F5500 makes finding great things to watch easier. Samsung's innovative Smart Hub organizes your favorite entertainment into five simple panels: On-TV, Movies and Shows, Social, Apps, and a panel for your personal photos, videos and music. You can actually ask the TV for recommendations while you're watching, like 'what football games are on?' You speak into the microphone built into the touchpad remote, which feels more natural than talking to the TV screen. Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets play well with this TV If you have a Galaxy S3 smartphone or Galaxy tablet, you can share movies, photos, and music via the PN51F5500. Your Wi-Fi network lets you do things like toss photos from your phone or tablet to the screen with the swipe of a finger. Or push streaming video like Netflix movies from device to screen. Sending content from your phone to your TV is cool, and going TV-to-phone is even cooler. Just

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Title: Samsung PN51F5500 51" 1080p 3D High Definition Plasma TV
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